Learning is key to workplace agility, growth and business success.

All workplace are now requiring to be more agile to continually manage future changes, to adapt, and met challenging internal and external environments.

We provide workforce agile design training solutions to prepare you or your workforce to be more agile in your approaches to meet and exceeding any  future challenges.




Can someone else do it?  Yes we can.


Our role is to reduce the stress, strain and time from your managers by using quality and effective methods to analysis , design  analysis and development of role descriptions and evaluation in accordance to standard methodology/capability frameworks.

Organisational Design

An effective organisational structure is key to any organisation success. 


We will work you to design your organisation in ensuring of clear accountabilities, decision making stream-lined and evidence based assessment is utilized for your resourcing needs.

Design. Growth. Sustainability

Our Workforce Design and Development Services


PEMSET Solutions specialises in providing consultancy and training services in agile organisation design, role description development and creating innovative customised workforce learning opportunities.

We are highly experienced and qualified organisational designers, evaluators and trainers that specialists in remuneration frameworks within a range of multi-disciplinary professions and disciplines for both the public and private sectors from Health through to Engineering. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a range of consultancy and training services at more reasonable and affordable prices with an exceptional return of delivery. 

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Phone: 1300 618 463

Cairns Qld 4878

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