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External Job Evaluation Services

Business Presentation

Role Description Development Packages

Including Job Analysis

Service for all roles including Senior Executive  include:

  • preparation of a brand new, capability-based role from base to senior executive or specialist role descriptions where there is no / limited / outdated documentation available

  • transition existing position descriptions and/or statements of duties into new formats,



Informational Interview

Job Evaluation Services Packages

Qualified Evaluators

Service for roles including Senior Executive  include:

  • desktop evaluation of role descriptions using either PEMS or inhouse preferred methodology (job evaluation notes, which could be used to fast-track internal job evaluation processes)

  • internal  verification for organisational consistency

  • Interim report will be provide and map in accordance to current/inhouse processes



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Combination Packages 

The Complete Kit

Service for all roles including senior executives include:

  • review of relevant documentation

  • role discussion with job expert

  • peer reviewed draft role description using the state Capability Framework role description template

  • peer reviewed evaluation profile

  • review of work level standards and proposed classification level

  • Indicative report provided 



We offer a wide array of job evaluation, work level assessment and benchmarking external outsourcing services, that can represent a cost-effective alternative to hiring additional in-house human resources and bring transparency to your remuneration process.

Using a third party to support your Organisation job evaluation work can help you save a lot of time and resources – and it can help enhance the credibility of the process as well.​