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Never again write another Role Description 

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We know how difficult it can be to find a specialist to analyze, design and develop an effective role description especially during times of organisational change or on the fly.. 


Often internal Human Resource Officers or your managers are exceptionally busy, not skilled and do not have the time to devote to this service and will cut corners to save time.


We will work with you/or your organisation to complete a thorough job/position analysis, design a position description and evaluate the position to your preferred evaluation methodology.


We offer our services virtually and face to face and are experience in a broad range of industries including health, transport and logistics to education.

What we do:
  • Undertake an initial review and update/ develop targeted and effective job descriptions.

  • Update and develop new role descriptions

  • Development of a suite of job descriptions

  • Simplify and update existing job descriptions

  • Advice on job evaluation and provide indicative and recommendations of classification levels.

  • Bench marking against other organisation and industry standards

  • Review of role description libraries and identify gaps or re-evaluation requirements

Why Us:

Our clients have appreciated our ability to quickly and effectively analyse, design and developed appealing and streamlined job descriptions which set clear job scope, purpose, knowledge and accountabilities requirement, clarification of internal and external relationships, and will in turn attract and recruit the right person to fill your vacancy. 


We are reasonably priced and can beat a majority of competitive prices.

If you are implementing new or redesigned structures, creating a new role or simply updating job requirements, our flexible and professional team will assist you to achieve timely outcomes.


Our consultants have significant experience in job design and evaluation, with exception analytical skills, understanding of organisational design principles, organisational context and focus on your business requirements.