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Agile organisational structures are key for the strengthening of accountability, streamlining of processes, decision making and boost productivity without adding excessive costs through additional and unnecessary hierarchical layers. 

To meet the changing needs of the market and to stay competitive, today’s companies need to completely rethink their organisation structures and performance measures so that they can tap into new capabilities in a way that does not interfere with the traditional core of the business.


We will work with you in the developing and protecting the organisational capabilities that will be needed in the future.  It will not be easy but will provide change management support to lead in the significant departure from how your organisation has operated from the past into the now.

We will effectively design the structure of your organisation in a way that will best support your business in a fast-changing environment. Utilizing our Agile Organisation Design approach and methodology we will provide you with practical tools, processes, design insights and organisation bench marking data across public and private sector organisations.

What we do:
  • Review and design an effective organisational framework and structure that align with your organisations strategy and culture into the future

  • Streamlining and review of organisational structures and resourcing requirement to be more efficient and effective.

  • Review and develop an end-to-end organisation design / redesign process from scoping to implementation phases.

  • Articulate and assess design options and their suitability to support strategic business objectives

  • Engagement and manage communication and managing of stakeholders throughout the organisation design and change process

Our Approach:

We utilize the agile organisational design methodology and approach in the identifying the critical roles and activities within your organisational structures and provide evidence on how you can further drive your organisational vision, strategy and culture.


Change in organisation are either driven by external factors in the environment or internal demands for enhanced productivity and improved performance.


Our focus is the establishment of clear accountabilities, targeted and streamlined decision making and evidence-based assessment of resourcing requirements.